Jamie Holliday

Jamie Holliday

I'm Jamie. I currenty work for MyJobMatcher as a Lead Front End Developer. My daily work involves building apps focussed on matching users to their perfect job and helping recruiters find relevant hires, as well as the development of internal tools

I work 100% remotely. I'm very happy and productive with this setup. The ratrace commute is not for me thanks.


I have worked on a number of Front End projects in various product and agency environments, for brands such as Agent Provocateur, Polarn O Pyret, Bauhaus, Nokia, Toyota, Jaguar LandRover, Honda, Nissan, L'Oréal, Lexus & Yamaha.

MJM uk screenshot
  • Nokia screenshot
  • Ignition screenshot
  • JCC screenshot
  • Jaguar Landrover screenshot
  • Pavers screenshot
  • IJP screenshot
  • PoP screenshot
  • Bauhaus Kids screenshot
  • Victoria Dashboard screenshot


I try and stay up to date with the ever changing Front End techniques and technologies. My current favourite tech stack would include React, Redux, Node, Webpack, ES6, Jest.

Google Analytics is used here. There are some cookies involved with that. Just so you know.