Drive a Digger



First item ticked off the list!

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to drive a big digger. Everytime I drove past one on a building site I'd mention to anyone else in the car at the time that I wanted to have a go.

So as a birthday present my wife bought me 90min lesson with one to one instruction at DiggerLand in Kent

It was a really good experience. After some basic instruction about what the controls were and a little practice in a coned off area I then got to drive to the 'digging area'.

The ride in this thing is bumpy and jerky and it takes a while to get where it is going but I'm pleased I got to move it to the digging spot.

From there the instructor gave me some more pointers again of the basic controls and I got to spend 10-15 mins doing some basic digging.

ABout every 10 mins the instructor would jump back in the cab and give a few more pointer on digging technique, trying to smoothly uses the controls in conjuntion with each other to get an efficient action.

We also went over how to backfill and level the areas that we dug.

There was a final challenge at the end to dig the biggest hole I could in 5 mins followed by filling it back in and making it smooth again within the same timeframe.

All in all I very enjoyable day being a big kid and achieving something I always wanted to do.

Whats Next?

The next things on the list I have planned are riding the fastest zip line in the world and the longest in Europe (currently) in North Wales. If the weather permits we are also planning walking up Snowdon in the same weekend.

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